What happens to our being when we allow it to express authentically?

It flourishes

The essence of my work revolves around discovering and developing a more harmonious, loving, respectful, and truthful space inside and outside of ourselves. 

It is intended to honor our being by creating a greater LISTENING to what our heart, body and life are expressing and it encourages action so that we can experience the life we wish.

נגן וידאו

Let me take you to this special experience…


Initially created for women, this transformational journey through therapeutic movement guidance, dialog and photography helps you to connect to your authentic expression, shifting your inner obstacles to a healthier relationship with yourself and others by accessing more self acceptance, appreciation, acknowledgment, strength, beauty, and freedom.

The experience is offered to individuals as well as couples, families and more.


I support you in getting harmony and clarity, transforming your obstacles in space for the life they wish, encourage growth, and nourish the being as well as the doing with meaningful actions, through an Integrative psychotherapeutic approach with Dialogue based Counseling, Embodied Movement Therapy, Psychosomatic Energetic Bodywork, Walking the Artist’s Way, and more.


The movement workshops I create and teach explore the range of authentic self-expression through observation and deepening our skills of listening, curiosity, and joy, within and with our surroundings, in a group setting.

The workshops are intended for individuals, private groups, specific retreats or companies.

"The Great Spirit,
Wakan Tanka,
Teach me to trust my heart,
my mind
my intuition,
my inner knowledge,
about the senses of my body,
the blessing in my spirit.
Teach me to trust all of this so I can enter my sacred space and love beyond fear.
And so walk in balance and beauty in every step of the bright sun."

– Lakota Prayer.


Hi, my name is Laura Sofia, and I love to support people to connect deeper to their authenticity, higher potential and creative bodies and souls through a few different forms of mind-body-spiritual approaches.
I am deeply passionate and devoted for the last couple of decades to my personal and professional development, by learning, uncoding and growing from within which it resulted in being able to deeply connect, care, and support other people to access more freedom, presence and true joy and transform their lives.

I am a psychologist, Integrative therapist and multidisciplinary artist. I connect a few of my strong passions, through psychotherapy, breathwork, dancing and photography to facilitate transformative 1on1 experiences, as well as group workshops, retreats and other events. 

I receive people in my clinic in Tel Aviv, in Ein Hod (Israel) as well as Online (Internationally) and I facilitate workshops and therapeutic work across Israel as well as in Spain and internationally.